Bangkok : Bangkok, Thailand's vibrant capital city, stands at the forefront, boasting diversity and dynamism. In 2023, it welcomed a staggering total of 22.78 million visitors.

Paris : Renowned as the romantic capital of the world, Paris clinched the second spot on the list, drawing in 19.10 million visitors in 2023.

London : London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, holds the third position, attracting approximately 19.09 million visitors annually.

Dubai : Situated in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is renowned for its modernity. This futuristic city secured the fourth position on the list with 15.93 million visitors in 2023.

Singapore : As a compact island city-state, Singapore holds the fifth position on the Top 10 City to Visit list, attracting 14.67 million visitors annually.

Kuala Lumpur : Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, occupies the sixth spot on the list, welcoming approximately 13.79 million visitors in 2023.

New York : New York holds the seventh position on the list, attracting 13.60 million visitors in 2023. Renowned for its myriad wonders, the city offers diverse activities across its varied landscape.

Istanbul : Istanbul's unique geographical position combines elements of both Europe and Asia, enriching its captivating culture and history.

Tokyo : Tokyo secures the ninth place on the list with a total of 12.93 million visitors in 2023. As Japan's capital, it stands as the world's most populous metropolis, seamlessly blending history a

Antalya : Antalya, situated on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, ranks tenth on the list with 12.41 million visitors in 2023.