Caracas, Venezuela: Known for its high crime rates, including violent crime and theft, Caracas is regarded as one of the world's most dangerous cities.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: Infamous for its drug-related violence and organized crime, Ciudad Juarez has earned a reputation as one of Mexico's most perilous cities.

Kabul, Afghanistan: Political instability, ongoing conflict, and the threat of terrorism make Kabul a hazardous destination for travelers.

Mogadishu, Somalia: Civil unrest, terrorism, and piracy present significant risks to travelers visiting Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia.

7 Most Dangerous Cities To Visit

San Pedro Sula, Honduras: With one of the highest homicide rates globally, San Pedro Sula is recognized as one of Central America's most dangerous cities.

Cape Town, South Africa: Despite its stunning natural beauty, Cape Town grapples with high crime rates, particularly in certain areas.

Karachi, Pakistan: Political instability, terrorism, and elevated crime rates pose challenges for travelers visiting Karachi, making it potentially dangerous.