7 Most Hygienic Animals In The USA

The top 7 most hygienic animals in the USA are cats, dogs, horses, birds (such as parrots), guinea pigs, llamas, and alpacas.


Known for their meticulous grooming habits, cats spend considerable time cleaning themselves, maintaining clean fur and skin.


Many dogs groom themselves by licking, keeping their fur relatively tidy.


Horses naturally maintain hygiene by rolling in dust or mud to clean their coats.

Birds (e.g., parrots, budgies)

Birds regularly preen their feathers to remove dirt and oil, ensuring cleanliness.

Guinea pigs

These rodents groom themselves frequently, contributing to the cleanliness of their living spaces.

Llamas and alpacas

These animals use designated bathroom areas, generally maintaining tidy living spaces.


With extensive grooming habits, rabbits keep their fur clean by licking, preferring clean living environments.