French cuisine : French cuisine is renowned globally for its excellence. It incorporates rich ingredients like butter, cream, wine, along with herbs, chocolate, and fresh vegetables.

Chinese Cuisine : Chinese cuisine is celebrated for its vast diversity. Commonly, Chinese meals feature staples like rice or noodles as the foundation of their dishes.

Japanese Cuisine : Japanese cuisine has gained prominence as a major culinary category globally. Dishes often incorporate grilled fish, pickled vegetables

Italian Cuisine : Renowned chefs frequently laud Italy for its exceptional cuisine. Pasta, a staple of Italian cooking, is beloved and widely enjoyed worldwide.

Greek Cuisine : Among the earliest known culinary traditions is that of Greece. Greek and Greek island cuisine are characterized by the prominent use of olive oil

Spanish Cuisine : Seafood holds significant importance in Spanish cuisine, much like in other Mediterranean countries.

Lebanese Cuisine : Lebanese cuisine merges flavors from various Mediterranean regions. Chicken, fish, lamb,