Best Large SUVs for Families in The USA

Top family SUVs in the USA include Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Traverse, Honda Pilot, Subaru Ascent, Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade.

1. Toyota Highlander: Praised for reliability and roomy interiors, the Highlander promises a smooth ride, advanced safety tech, and strong resale value.

2. Ford Explorer: Offering spacious seating and ample cargo room for seven, the Explorer combines versatility, solid performance, and modern amenities.

3. Chevrolet Traverse: With its expansive interior, user-friendly infotainment, and smooth ride, the Traverse excels as a choice for larger families.

4. Honda Pilot: Known for reliability and practicality, the Pilot boasts a well-crafted interior, comfortable ride, and advanced safety features.

5. Subaru Ascent: Featuring standard all-wheel drive and excellent safety ratings, the Ascent offers a spacious cabin, smooth handling, and ample cargo space.

6. Kia Telluride: Standing out with upscale interiors, tech-rich features, and a comfortable ride, the Telluride is a top pick for luxurious family travel.

7. Hyundai Palisade: Sharing similarities with the Telluride, the Palisade offers refined interiors, generous cargo space, and Hyundai's dependable reliability and warranty coverage.