Lord of the Rings Boat Ride In USA

Experience Middle-earth's wonders on a thrilling boat ride inspired by 'The Lord of the Rings' in the USA.

10. Barad-dûr Escape : Race down the fiery lava flows of Mount Doom as you flee from the crumbling fortress of Barad-dûr.

9. Grey Havens Excursion : Sail into the West from the Grey Havens of Lindon, bidding farewell to Middle-earth and embarking on a voyage to the Undying Lands.

8. Shelob's Lair Expedition : Venture into the dark tunnels beneath the Ephel Dúath, where the monstrous spider Shelob lies in wait.

7. Gondor Guard Patrol : Patrol the Anduin near the White City of Minas Tirith, keeping watch for enemy ships and orc raids.

6. Fangorn Forest Quest : Navigate the mysterious waters of the Entwash, surrounded by the ancient trees of Fangorn Forest.

5. Lothlórien Canopy Cruise : Glide through the treetops of Lothlórien, marveling at the golden Mallorn trees and elven flets.

4. Anduin Adventure : Brave the currents of the Great River Anduin, encountering the Pillars of the Kings and the Argonath along the way.

3. Rivendell Retreat : Drift along the tranquil waters of the Bruinen River, passing by the elven haven of Rivendell.

2. Misty Mountains Expedition : Embark on a thrilling journey through mist-covered peaks and hidden valleys.

1. Hobbiton River Cruise : Journey through a miniature Shire landscape, complete with hobbit holes and lush greenery.