The 10 Most Obese States in America

Mississippi, West Virginia, and Arkansas top the list of America's most obese states, highlighting persistent public health challenges.


Renowned for its consistently high obesity rates across all age demographics, Mississippi grapples with a pervasive prevalence of obesity. 

West Virginia

A significant portion of West Virginia's population contends with weight-related health issues, highlighting the state's pronounced obesity problem


Among its challenges, Arkansas faces significant obesity concerns, particularly among its youth


Louisiana contends with elevated obesity rates, notably in rural areas and among minority groups


Witnessing a concerning upward trend in recent years, Kentucky grapples with a sizable portion of its populace affected by obesity-related health ailments like diabetes


Alabama confronts significant obesity challenges, especially within low-income and minority communities


Obesity rates in Iowa have shown a steady increase, reflecting a significant portion of the population experiencing health issues related to obesity


Oklahoma grapples with elevated obesity rates, particularly prevalent among Native American populations


With a considerable portion of its residents facing weight-related health challenges, Missouri tackles obesity through community-based programs


Tennessee contends with high obesity rates, particularly among its younger population. The state implements various strategies to address this issue