Top 10 Public Universities in USA for International students

Top public US universities, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, and University of Michigan, attract international students with diverse programs

1. UC Berkeley: Known for academic excellence, diverse programs, and a lively campus, UC Berkeley appeals to international students.

2. UCLA: Offers strong academics, research options, and cultural diversity, making UCLA an attractive choice for international students.

3. University of Michigan: A top-tier research institution with diverse programs and a welcoming campus environment for international students.

4. University of Virginia: With its historic campus and rigorous academics, UVA attracts international students seeking a traditional American college experience.

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison: A research-focused university with a vibrant campus atmosphere and diverse academic offerings for international students.

6. University of Washington: Renowned for academic excellence and research opportunities, UW in Seattle draws international students to its diverse community.

7. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Known for engineering and computer science programs, U of I offers a diverse campus and research prospects.

8. University of Texas at Austin: UT Austin's vibrant campus culture, academic strength, and research opportunities appeal to international students.

9. University of Florida: UF's academic excellence, varied programs, and welcoming environment make it a top choice for international students.

10. Ohio State University: A large public university with strong academic programs, research opportunities, and a diverse student body.