Top US Off-Road Destinations

Explore iconic off-road destinations like Moab, Rubicon Trail, Johnson Valley, and Glamis Sand Dunes for thrilling adventures across America.

10. Ocala National Forest, Florida : With an extensive network of over 200 miles of designated off-road trails, Ocala National Forest presents a diverse landscape of sand, mud,

9. Tillamook State Forest, Oregon : Known for its lush forests and challenging muddy trails, Tillamook State Forest offers a harmonious mix of rugged terrain and natural beauty.

8. Gulches Off Road Vehicle Park, South Carolina : Featuring diverse trails suitable for every skill level, Gulches beckons with mud bogs, challenging rock crawling sections .

7. Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota : With a blend of forested paths, rocky ascents, and scenic vistas, the Black Hills National Forest boasts 

6. Imogene Pass, Colorado : Offering awe-inspiring vistas of the San Juan Mountains, Imogene Pass stands as one of Colorado's most picturesque and demanding off-road trails.

5. Mojave Road, California : Steeped in history, the Mojave Road traverses the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert, weaving through sandy washes, rugged terrain, and panoramic desert vistas.

4. Glamis Sand Dunes, California : A haven for sand enthusiasts, Glamis beckons with vast expanses of sand dunes, ideal for exhilarating rides on dune buggies, ATVs, and sand rails.

3. Johnson Valley, California : Home to the prestigious King of the Hammers race, Johnson Valley offers an array of trails spanning from expansive 

2. Rubicon Trail, California : Revered as a legendary off-road route, the Rubicon Trail presents challenging terrain winding through .

1. Moab, Utah : Renowned for its breathtaking red rock landscapes, Moab boasts iconic trails such as Hell's Revenge, Fins and Things, and the legendary Slickrock Trail.